Rainbow Brite is back!

Rainbrow Brite. Remember her? Blond chick with kickin' astro-boots? Oh, about 25 years ago?

Playmate Toys & Hallmark have decided that it's time for a come-back. Along with a make-over and some cooler friends, too. That's right. The Color Kids are out. No more Red Butler, LaLa Orange, Patty O'Green, Shy Violet, Canary Yellow, Indigo or Buddy Blue. (Oh, yes.. I still remember!)

Rainbow has moved on to the cool crowd. Now she's friends with Moonglow and Tickled Pink, who are in charge of nighttime and sunrise/sunset, respectively. They're taller, thinner and come with proportionally-sized heads. At least Twink is still around!

MomSelect & Hallmark were kind enough to provide me with several cd-roms featuring the "Colorful One" and her new best pals. There are brief intros to each character, some printable fun, games, and of course, the new theme song. I passed these along to neighborhood girls, and then did an informal survey.

My daughter, who isn't hampered by fond memories of Rainbow Brite's past, really seems to dig this 2.0 version. She thinks the song is fun, and and the games are awesome.

In fact, that's pretty much exactly what I heard from the neighborhood moms to whom I passed out the cd-roms. The jigsaw puzzles were overwhelmingly faved. (I learned that the moms in my own age group were also disappointed by the loss of the Color Kids, but felt the same rush of nostalgia when I brought up Rainbow Brite in the first place.)

If you'd like to see what I'm talking about, you can find all of the same applications that my daughter and her friends got to preview over at RainbowBrite.com You can also check out the Barbie-like doll collection which is currently available for purchase at Target.

I think the brand is mostly appropriate for my daughter's 4 - 6 year old peer group. I don't see the older girls getting into it, and, to be honest, it seems a shame to bring Rainbow Brite back into an already over-saturated market. However, I'm sure that moms who are valiantly fighting off the Hannah Montana/Camp Rock/Wizards of Waverly Place influence (like myself) might just welcome the wholesomeness of Rainbow and her new gal-pals.
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