On love and basketball

I know today everyone is gearing up for the Super Bowl, and football is on everyone's mind. Everyone that is, except for my daughter. She recently informed her very proud Daddy that she wants to be a basketball player when she grows up. You must understand that basketball is DH's great love; (followed in short order by Kobe Bryant, the Dodgers, and then me of course, lol.)

Hearing these words from his little girl likely sent him over the moon. He immediately decided that he must take her to see real ball-players in action (her twice-weekly basketball clinic practices aren't quite the same.) Today, while men and women across the country are hunting down chicken wings at the grocery stores and rushing out to buy 52" hi-def flatscreens, DH and Livviebug will be attending a college womens basketball game.

Because love is encouragement and inspiration and driving in the snow so that your daughter knows that you're behind her dreams. Especially when they so neatly coincide with your own.
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1 Response to "On love and basketball"

  1. Love Shane says:
    October 3, 2011 at 11:50 PM

    Thats a lovely daughter,, i wish i had one... uu

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