Last Day by James Landis Book Review

Becoming a book reviewer has allowed me to read some good books, some not so good books and some that were just okay.
The Last Day by James Landis is one of the good. Make that great. Make that incredible. Seriously. I want DH to read this book immediately. I want his mother to read it and then my brother, and then I'll likely read it again. I enjoyed it that much.

Warren Pease (oh, yes) is a soldier, and a lover of words, and a believer. He goes to war, and is referred to as War and yet is utterly accepting when he recognizes the Prince of Peace walking toward him on the beach of his childhood.

The unswerving faith of War and his disturbingly poetic descriptions of desert battle speak to Mr. Landis' strength as an author. War is lonely and loving and beautiful and complex in The Last Day.

Each character in James Landis' book is thoughtfully written. Even those for whom you might not immediately want to embrace, a measure of sympathy is afforded them. Even grace. Wesley Pease, (War's father) a veterinarian, book-hater, hunter and cold widower is easily the least likable character in the book. Until he isn't. Until you want to reach through the words to hold him, to ease his sorrow. Bethie and Ryan and Mr. Smith and Dodie and Seth and even Juba are incredibly believable.

Jesus as a character in a novel is a kind of conceit in and of itself. How rare it is to find a story in which Jesus is neither exactly what you think, nor is he the opposite of expectation. Jesus is a man, and in his presence men are more - if that makes sense to you. He is not just The Christ. He is companion and teacher and student and playful and childlike and compassion.

I truly hope that when it is my turn, I meet Jesus in much the same way.

For discussion questions aimed at reading groups, go to Buy this book. Share it with your loved ones. Gain an understanding of young men, soldiers, widowers, believers of different flavors, and maybe, just maybe, of Jesus.

For a sneak preview of the first chapter of this incredible book, please click here.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was given a copy of The Last Day by James Landis to read by Christian Fiction Blog Alliance in exchange for a fair and objective review. I did not take payment from the publisher or author of this book beyond a copy of the book in question. Disclosure Policy
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