American Idol is Ba-ack

Woo-Hoo! I am sooo excited. As you probably already know, I crazy-love this show. I cannot claim to be much of a singer, and I would rather be drawn and quartered than audition for A.I. but I watch it breathlessly from audition to grand finale.

This year I actually know someone on the show. On January 27th, an old family friend will be auditioning, and spoiler alert, he gets a golden ticket! Now, I don't know what happens after that, his brother has been distressingly mum about it all.

Here's video of him coming out of the LA auditions. Cue it up to 4:56. God love him, 'cause he fielded the first of many comparisons to Adam Lambert with grace.

Hmmm. Perhaps I should say that I knew Danny. I was actually quite good friends with his brother in high school and the three boys spent a lot of time at our house for about a year or so. As things tend to happen in high school; (Danny being in junior high at the time) friendships wane. Or get cut short for one reason or another. At any rate, it wasn't until a couple of years ago that I saw him again.. Oddly enough, my husband was quite good friends with a former bandmate, and when they were playing in Baltimore, DH invited the entire band (+ roadie and manager) to camp at our place. (That was an experience!) Bless their hearts, 'cause those boys went through about a ton of laundry soap, food, hair product and towels each time. Honestly, though. They were utterly polite and loved on my kiddos, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Here's something weird about knowing someone who is, or rather is about to be, on T.V. People can be distressing mean. One blogger called Danny a douche. Wow. In reality he's a total sweetheart. I immediately wanted to leap to his defense with a scathing retort and then realized, um, this is American Idol. It's the name of the game. Sadly, there will be much, much more to come if Danny in fact does well in Hollywood. (If he even goes!) So I just let it go. I still recall that little skater boy with fondness, and I know that no matter what, he'll land on his feet.

So that makes American Idol Season Nine my favorite ever. Evah! (And another time maybe we can talk about Paula Abdul, Victoria Beckham and Ellen Degeneres.)

One more little thing, a gift really.

oh, lol!
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