Why I'm post-Thanksgiving thankful

Whew! I'm back from OK! As in Oklahoma, o'course.

We had a really incredible time visiting my mom, and my brother and his family were there, too. It's hard to explain, really, that feeling you get when you are surrounded by folk who love you and know you.

When you've lived with someone and fought with them and cried and laughed and thrown dirty socks at and snuck out at night with and screamed at and grieved with and grown with and prayed for and just plain loved; and then spent years apart, it's amazing how right that person can still feel in your heart.

The concept of a dysfunctional family makes me laugh. We were always functional, just not always in ways one might call "normal"; and we were even occasionally harmonious. We could depend upon each other, and I can't imagine that there is greater testament to family than to know that you never have to stand alone.

Thank you, God. Your grace is astounding to me. I've been very lucky in my life. I am even more blessed because of your incredible wisdom in granting me a family that is so perfectly imperfect. Ma, Gram, Bird, and boys, thank you for being in my life. And Ant? You get it, you always have, and I am especially thankful for you.
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