Susan May Warren's The Great Christmas Bowl Book Review

Oh, ha, ha. Ha, ha, hee... giggle, giggle, snortle. (In case you can't tell, I'm rolling here.) Rule of thumb, if a book makes me snortle, it's a keeper.

Susan May Warren's holiday send-up, The Great Christmas Bowl; has ensured that I will never, ever, ever look at a trout (or team mascot for that matter) the same way again. Yes, I said trout. I believe that the trout is far and away a genius plot point and I will be a fan of Susan May Warren for the rest of my life, that's how funny it is. So there!

Oh, you want to know more? Sorry, I was so busy rolling (see above link for definition).

Marianne Wallace is a Type A mom, whose nest is nearly empty. When her last child at home (a high-school senior) suddenly becomes a football star right at the same time that she (through no fault of her own) becomes the Christmas Tea Chairperson at her church, and the long-time team mascot is no longer able to fulfill his duties, she (and her entire Minnesota town) are just going to have to change the way they think about Christmas.

There's a championship at stake, and oh, I don't want to give too much away, 'cause it's all so darn funny. You'll love it, I swear.

Before I leave you with this exhortion "BUY THE BOOK!", you should know that Ms. Warren is hosting a Great Christmas Bowl recipe exchange. Find the recipe & awesome Christmas story (yes, it must be awesome, or funny, or you know, something) contest here: She'll even turn all the recipes into a cookbook. Then, at the online Great Christmas Bowl party December 5th, at (not too-early for bloggers) 10:00 am she’ll make the entire cookbook available for download! (I'm down. Are you down?)

You can make up to 3 submissions & for each you will be entered in a drawing to receive one of SMW’s (that's what all the cool kids call her) collections (Noble Legacy, Team Hope, Heirs of Anton, Deep Haven Series, Josey series, or THE ADVANCED COPY of Sons of Thunder – a brand new epic World War 2 novel, due out in January 2010.)

Sweet. And clam chowder would be cheating, btw!

Also, I'm not the only one to love this here book. Check out the blog-tour for proof. Say hi from me!
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