Remember when I was making fun of the flu?


Bad idea. Bad, bad idea.

I have the flu, and a nasty lil' bugger it is, too. I have a rolling fever, in that sometimes I am sweaty and red, and sometimes I am pale and shivering. Everytime I cough, I try to hold my forehead on my face, because I'm afraid it will fall off!

It hurts. Actually it all hurts, my shoulders and knees and elbows and oh, lord don't get me started on the pain in my neck. (he, he...)

No worries, though. I still managed to get up early, brush hair, and help with homework; vacuum, and move furniture, wash dishes; make breakfast, pack lunch and cook dinner; change diapers; bathe, nap and ni-night my kidlings. In other words, do everything. And no one made me any tea, either.

I am Momma and the flu can't bring me down. So what if I'm walking around like an old lady? At least this old lady has clean floors!
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