Athol Dickson's Lost Mission Book Review

In Lost Mission, prejudice is a pestilence that spans centuries. Fire is as cleansing as it is deadly. And Christian charity is all-too-often purely selfish.

The main characters of Lost Mission are each convinced that they are called by God. Each character is connected by circumstance and (perhaps?) by design. Rife with symbolism, it does not escape notice that the protagonists in the modern era are a close echo to those who lived in the 17oo's.

Modern Christianity seems a little less new-fangled when seen in the portrait painted Athol Dickson, and his mysterious, shiny-haired Indian. That old saw; "the road to hell is paved with good intentions," is as accurately described here as I have yet seen.

Because I want you to read this book, I won't give away too much, just that there is love and redemption, faith, forgiveness, evil, death, terror, grief, joy and hope. A gripping reminder of how far we have come, and how far we have not.

Athol Dickson is an incredible writer, and the stark comparison between an early Spanish mission and a modern mega-church is flawlessly done. In fact, Athol really shines when he lets his readers come to their own conclusions. The building of the story is so smartly done, so perfectly paced that when the author interjects to ask the reader to "consider" a plot point, it is disconcerting. I was considering! "Consider", Mr. Dickson, that a story is better read when it is not directed. It is my only real complaint.

I found Lost Mission to be engrossing and am pretty certain that you will, too. I especially enjoyed the glimpse into early missionary life among the Franciscan monks. You can find Lost Mission here:

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In the interest of full disclosure, I was given a copy of Lost Mission by Athol Dickson to read by LitFuse Publicity in exchange for a fair and objective review. I did not take payment from the publisher or author of this book beyond a copy of the book in question. Disclosure Policy
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