I was living in East Orange, NJ when the world changed. I was on my way to work when the radio announcer went ballistic. I watched as the sky above the city turned black. Just two days before, I'd guided an out-of-town friend through the city of New York, taking him to all my old haunts. One of our first stops? The World Trade Center. It was right about 9 am. But for the grace of God, my friends...

In fact, my family has many such stories. My cousin left late that morning, my uncle had recently been promoted and moved into a different building, etc. Many families weren't as lucky.

New Yorkers refuse to forget what happened here eight years ago, and throughout the city you'll find many ways they commemorate their losses. Here is just a small sample:

Tonight, Musicians for Harmony will present it's 8th annual Concert For Peace, promoting peace through music at the Merkin Concert Hall at Kauffman Center.

Trinity Church begins it's vigil & labrynth walk at midnight and lasts through 6:00am.

Tomorrow, at 8:46am, New Yorkers will gather at Ground Zero to remember their loved ones. Each name will be read, all 2,800 of them; and each relevant moment will be marked by silence. The ceremony will be attended by several branches of service, and though the EMT's aren't being honored, I've heard that many will be there in uniform in memory of their fallen comrades, among them my uncle.

St. Patrick's Cathedral will hold a special mass honoring the fallen firefighters of the FDNY at 10:30am.

The September Concert, which spans 12 countries and 41 US cities, has dozens of concerts scheduled in Manhattan, among them the National Dance Institute children performing "Imagine" inspired by John Lennon at Rockefeller Center at 5pm and Ashford & Simpson's Sugar Bar hosts The Heart Of Jazz from 4 - 8 pm, an improv jazz concert featuring more than forty NYC jazz artists.

The New York Buddhist Church begins it's annual Floating Lanterns Ceremony at Pier 40 at West Houston Street and the Hudson River.

Finally, at sunset, the "Tribute in Light" will return, lighting up the sky in place of World Trade buildings 1 &2 throughout the night.

September 11th has also been declared the National Day of Service & Remembrance, so check out to find out how you can get involved... There's everything from park cleanup, to mentoring, feeding the hungry, you name it. Get involved! Please, let us not forget the lessons we learned from this terrible tragedy.

Remember: Matthew 5:9 "Blessed are the peacemakers; for they shall be called the children of God. "

God bless you all...
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