Menu Planning, Take Two

I'm trying this sucker all over again! I have a whole new system, and by golly, I'm gonna do it!

Monday: Gramps' Famous Chili (One of the many benefits of moving so close to family is the food!)

Tuesday: Crockpot Lasagna, recipe courtesy of Living Locurto, though I'll be switching out the turkey for lean ground beef.

Wednesday: Garlic Dijon Dump Chicken with steamed California Mix vegetables, and brown rice. Thanks to Soopermom for the chicken recipe.
*updated I somehow managed to miss the fact that I had no dijon mustard, so instead I made a one-pan meal with the chicken, veggies and an onion sauce.

Thursday: Foil Packet Tilapia with glazed carrots and rice pilaf. Recipe for the fish can be found at A Year of Slow Cooking.
*I used flounder instead of tilapia, and went with roasted red potatoes instead of the pilaf. Apparently we've been eating an awful lot of rice lately!

Friday: Crockpot Hashbrown Casserole, 'cause it's game night and I'm gonna need my strength! Thanks again to Stephanie O'Dea for this one.

Saturday: Eating out, see tomorrow's post for details about all the amazing stuff going down this weekend!

Sunday: Rigatoni and Marinara, fresh Italian bread. Easy, reliable, yummy.

Yay! I did it! Thanks for getting me back in the spirit...
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