Did you know about the Recall on Childrens Tylenol?

Um, in case you haven't already heard, (How could you not have heard yet?! It's, like, everywhere!) the makers of Infants and Childrens Tylenol have issued a recall on some 21 of it's products. Though no contaminants were actually found in the product, the bacteria Burkholderia cepacia (B. cepacia) was found in some of the raw product, *repeat* not the end product. (I'm kinda thinking that means it was in one of the ingredients to be added, or some such...) Though there appears to be no adverse affects from this bacteria for the average kiddo, just a percentage of those with a compromised immune system or lung issue, to be on the very safe side, McNeil Consumer Healthcare is voluntarily recalling the following lots, manufactured between April 2008 and June 2008 :

Lot # Product Description
SBM041, SBM067, SCM037, SDM027, SEM109 Children's Tylenol Plus Cold MS Suspension 4 oz. Grape
SBM042, SCM015, SCM036, SDM034 Children's Tylenol Suspension 4oz. Grape
SBM043, SBM044, SCM029 Children's Tylenol Suspension 4oz. Bubble Gum
SBM045, SCM011, SCM030, SDM035 Children's Tylenol Suspension 4oz. Strawberry
SBM064, SCM033, SDM020 Infant’s Tylenol Grape Suspension Drops 1/4oz.
SBM065, SCM005, SCM006, SDM032 Infant's Tylenol Suspension 1/2oz. Cherry
SBM066, SCM068 Children's Dye Free Suspension 4oz. Cherry
SBM068, SCM035, SCM070, SCM080, SDM005 Children's Tylenol Suspension 4oz. Cherry
SBM069, SBM070, SCM081, SDM006 Children's Tylenol Plus Cough & Runny Nose 4oz. Cherry
SCM012, SCM067, SDM007, SDM068 Infant's Tylenol Suspension Drops 1/2oz. Grape
SCM013, SCM014, SCM069 Children's Tylenol Plus Flu 4oz. Bubble Gum
SCM016, SFM024 Children's Tylenol Plus Cold Suspension 4oz. Grape
SCM017 Children's Tylenol Plus Cough/ST Suspension 4oz. Cherry
SCM082, SDM039, SDM040 Infant's Tylenol Suspension Drops 1oz. Grape
SCM083, SCM084, SDM008 Infant's Tylenol Dye Free Suspension 1oz. Cherry
SDM064 Children’s Tylenol Pediatric Suspension 1oz. Cherry
SDM038, SDM009 Infant's Tylenol Suspension Drops 1oz. Cherry
SDM033 Children's Tylenol Plus Cold/Allergy 4oz. Bubble Gum
SDM078 Infant's Tylenol Drops 1oz. Grape
SCM034 Infant’s Tylenol Grape Suspension Drops H/G 1/2oz.
SDM028 Children's Tylenol Suspension 4oz. Cherry, Hospital Govt.

You can find the lot numbers on the bottom of the box and also on the sticker that surrounds the bottle. If you have one of these affected bottles, you should contact the company at 1-800-962-5357 and they will (gladly) send you a new bottle.

I'm pretty dang impressed with McNeil for stepping up like this. The only real gain for them is a mild uptick in public approval. Despite my own feigned shock earlier, most people likely won't know the difference, anyway. So, go you, makers of Tylenol. Thanks for caring.
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