Baby Einstein's World Animal Adventure DVD Review

In honor of World Animal Day (October 4th), Baby Einstein is introducing a new video to it's extensive line-up titled Baby Einstein: World Animal Adventure. It coincides with the premiere of World Music, the newly updated look of the site, and even a cool YouTube channel.

The World Animal Adventure DVD brings animals from around the world to your little one, showcasing both new and familiar animals in their natural habitats. Divided into each of the seven continents, the DVD features such friendly beasts as llamas, arctic snow monkeys, painted elephants and even super-cute chipmunks.

My two-year-old's absolute favorite parts are the animal puppet shows. He giggled every time, and if you've never owned a Baby Einstein video, you should know that you'll be playing it time and again. Which is why my favorite part of the the DVD is the Grow with Me feature, a second viewing mode with added language content and more puppet shows so that your kiddos can get more out of the DVD. For the littlest ones, I think the new Select-A-Segment option would be particularly handy. It shortens the video to either five or ten minutes, or you can set it to play just the puppet shows. (Guess which one we picked.)

The World Animal Adventure DVD is set to original music extra-specially orchestrated for little ears, (hmmm, can you just see the testing rooms?) featuring several global musical styles. I loved the new sounds, though I'm pretty sure Lil' Man had no idea that he was getting a taste of other lands, lol! There's even an intriguing-sounding World Music CD on offer at Baby Einstein.

I really like the early intro to geography, the gorgeous scenic shots and even the cool toys featured. (I'm stoked that they include a handy reference to some of the toys in the bonus menu!) Overall, I'm a fan. My kiddos like it; even my daughter, who gets a kick out of trying to name each animal. The DVD has fostered discussion of different animals within a species, (like artic foxes vs. red foxes) baby names (like colt, chick, kit, cub & joey) and even group names (like herd, flock, brood, & mob). If you've got a 2 to 5 year old, then I highly recommend Baby Einstein's World Animal Adventure DVD.

My only real complaint is the slight inaccuracy of a neighing zebra. Zebra's just don't neigh! They, well, they kinda bark. But that's just me being picky, as DH would say.

In the interest of full disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Baby Einstein and received a World Animal Adventure DVD to facilitate my candid review.
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