Are you scared of that piggy flu?

Hoo-boy! DH'll probably blow a gasket, 'cause he definitely feels like I'm not taking this too seriously. I mean, the media hysteria about it just turns me off. In fact, the more often they report about something, the less likely I am to watch the bloody reports. But when even the newspeople are catching it, well... hey, maybe there's something to this!

Seriously folks, regular old Seasonal flu affects between 340 million – 1 billion people worldwide each year. Of those, just about .05% (or 250 – 500,000) end in fatalities.

This "novel H1N1" strain? Well, it does seem to be moving pretty dang quickly. And it is far and away the most occurring flu this year. From initial outbreak in April to date, there have been 277,607 cases reported to the World Health Organization, with 3,205 deaths globally attributed to the novel H1N1 virus.

Remember though, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cases worldwide were usually mild, and most hospitalizations and deaths are persons that also had underlying conditions such as asthma, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, or a weakened immune system.

But it's still a pretty big deal, so here's how to handle it. Ready folks?

What is the big deal anyway? has all of that...

The CDC updates weekly with the who, what, when, and wheres. Check it out: FluView
and they've even got a printable Parents Guide.

Got questions about how to handle your kiddos? Don't Play With The Flu can help.

Here's a link to a super shopping list for Flu Prevention, courtesy of FluShoppingList.pdf

My best advice. Wash your hands with plain old soap and water. It's actually better than using anti-bac, because the "Swine Flu" just isn't a bacterium. I'm just saying.
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