Max Lucado's Fearless Book Review

The venerated Max Lucado is back with a seemingly simple premise.

"Imagine your life without fear" is the tagline for his new work, Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear. The pastor and author of more than 80 (80!!!) books exhorts his fellow Christians to utilize Jesus' teachings and stop worshiping safety.

Publisher's (Thomas Nelson) Description:

Each sunrise seems to bring fresh reasons for fear.

They're talking layoffs at work, slowdowns in the economy, flare-ups in the Middle East, turnovers at headquarters, downturns in the housing market, upswings in global warming. The plague of our day, terrorism, begins with the word terror. Fear, it seems, has taken up a hundred-year lease on the building next door and set up shop. Oversized and rude, fear herds us into a prison of unlocked doors. Wouldn't it be great to walk out?

Imagine your life, wholly untouched by angst. What if faith, not fear, was your default reaction to threats? If you could hover a fear magnet over your heart and extract every last shaving of dread, insecurity, or doubt, what would remain? Envision a day, just one day, where you could trust more and fear less.

Can you imagine your life without fear?

I'm a fan of Lucado's writing style, it's smooth and personal, never overwhelming, even when he's getting deep into the place I live. I can't think of anyone I wouldn't recommend Fearless to. It's a fast read, and thought-provoking. I actually made use of the highlighting function on my Kindle several times throughout the book.

Divided into chapters with titles like "God's ticked off at me" and "There's a dragon in my closet" Lucado's gentle humor permeates this lesson of trust and faith in God's presence. As the man says, "be not afraid" (and variations thereof) appears 21 times throughout the gospels. It is Jesus' most repeated command.

My favorite chapter is easily "What if things get worse?" Lucado makes no bones about the fact that in many ways, it's a madhouse out there. He reminds us that the disciples were warned that the going was going to get rough. Being a Christian doesn't make you bullet-proof. (I've met several people who actually think that!) In other words, bad things happen to good people. Faith and even fearlessness won't keep you from getting cancer, or from getting mugged, but it will get you on the subway day after day, with a spring in your step, no less.

There is just one acceptable fear. Lucado references a quote from Ellen F. Davis' Getting Involved with God: Rediscovering the Old Testament: ‘Fear of the Lord’ is the deeply sane recognition that we are not God." Um, can I get an amen?

Replete with a study guide, Fearless is sure to be the next small-group sensation, and I hope that each of you gets in on this one. You can pick up copy at Thomas Nelson or

The only drawback? I'm not crazy about the merchandising. There are cards, calenders, lesson plans, childrens' books, audio, etc. all ready to launch today as well. The book itself ends with about eight pages of ads for sundry items that can be purchased in conjunction with Fearless. Sorry, I'm just not too cool with that...

In the interest of full disclosure, I was given a copy of Fearless by Max Lucado to review by Thomas Nelson Publishing in exchange for a fair and objective review. I did not take payment from the publisher or author of this book beyond a copy of the book in question.
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