Going Organic, (in a gastronomic way)

Looks good, doesn't it?

If you are trying to eat more health foods, organic is an excellent an option. When you are looking for a way to encourage better farming practices and to make sure that you and your family eats better, you'll find that looking into organic grocery shopping can help you in both fields. Consider the health and community benefits of organic grocery shopping.

Check out this video from the Renegade Health Guy:

What does a food being labeled organic mean? Put simply, organic foods are those certified to have been produced under specific growing conditions. Organic foods don't have food additives, fertilizers, sewage sludge, or pesticides, in accordance with very strict standards. Most countries will not allow growers to call genetically modified fruits or vegetables organic. You'll find that organic meats have not had antibiotics used on them or growth hormones. For more information, please refer to OrganicFoodInfo.net.

Is there a local resource where I can find organic foods? The easiest place to begin when searching for organic foods is your supermarket. There's usually an organic foods section. But please, don't end your search there. Community-backed agricultural programs which give you an interest in local farms and joining a co-op in your area are great ways to access organic foods. You can find one near you at the Co-op Directory Service. During the summer months, you should visit your local farmer's markets, too. Try Local Harvest to find out the when, where, etc.

There are lots of options for healthy eating using organic food shopping. Be sure to take advantage of all the many, many (I promise!) options available in your local area.
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