Some goodies out there in blogland

You all know that I love to enter giveaways. I'd kinda backed off for a bit, mostly because of the move, but they are still out there, and summertime giveaways are especially awesome! Here are a few that I eyeballed (and entered, of course!) today:

Sweeps4bloggers (which is a one-stop-shop for goodies, btw) is running one for Eureka kids sleeping bags. My daughter loves her Lightning Bug bag with it's special pocket, but my son sure could use the Minnow bag!

Another one of my fave sites, The Giveaway, is hosting one for the Keurig Platinum Brewing System. Very fancy, and I love the fact that there are soooooo many beverage options. It's so fast and perfect for entertaining.

Steals & Deals
is giving away a Joey Junior Purse organizer, and in a separate giveaway, a Timi & Leslie bag. A diaper bag that does double duty as a trendy purse? Love it!

A new find is the very intriguing Ascending Butterfly, where the current giveaway is for Tres Sleek's compression garments, either the Bradigy Cami, or the Shrinx. (Um shrink me, please, please!)

Another fun giveaway, (and blog, too!) is A Hook...A Line... and A Girl...'s Organizer giveaway. These super-cute cash/coupon pocket organizers with the incredible fabric covers from Crunchy Cute are pretty awesome.

I'm all about ways to prevent waste, and help our Mama Earth, and I'm very intrigued by The Mom Buzz's giveaway for EcoTouch's Waterless Car Wash. Saving 100 gallons of water is more than reason enough!

Darlin's there are always more, but Blogger is being funky today, so I'ma take a break, lol. Have a lovely Sunday, & go for some goodies.
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