How about no, nuh-uh, not me?

Chicago's Sears Tower is premiering it's newest tourist draw, The Ledge today. It's more or less a glass box that juts out 4 feet from the main building, 1,350 feet above the street (one thousand! gah!) and purportedly able to withstand 50 tons of mass.

Hah! I've seen that movie , and let me tell you, there just isn't enough money in the world to make me stand on some glass that high up in the air. So I will repeat: No. Nuh-Uh and Not Me. You on the other hand may find this thrilling, perhaps you say, "Oh wow! How cool," or some other less-dated slang word for, uh, cool. I assert that you are out of your mind. I hope you will still be my friends, but folks, just looking at this picture makes my knees quiver, my stomach churn and my jaw to tingle (that's from the clenching.)

Maybe you've guessed some new factoid about me. That's right, I've got a wee bit of height vertigo (it's a real term! she says defensively.)

If you're planning a trip to The Windy City, you may want to check it out, just remember that you're completely bananas. Just saying.
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