O'Joy Recommends: Father's Day Gift Guide

It's that time again, folks! Another O'Joy Recommends! As Father's Day is looming on the horizon, I thought I'd do a list of gifties for Daddies that you can get, pronto. Remember, Father's Day is on the 21st, and O'Joy only Recommends stuff I'd actually lay money down for!

To begin:

Check out the Scosche Bluetooth Visor Mount w/ Caller ID, for $99 You can pick it up @ Best Buy, and keep the Dad in your life feelin' cool, but not too much like he's calling for Scotty to "beam him up."

A great last-minute but personalized gift for the guy who's got it all is a Create-Your-Own Gift Card $25 - 100 from Fandango. Send him with enough for a show and some treats!

The G-Shock Solar Atomic Watch, $119 at National Geographic is pretty dang awesome. (I should know, I wear the ladies version every day.) and you can have it in time if you order by 1pm EST on June 19th with an express shipping option.Two places where you can find any perfect gift are ZGallerie and 826 National. Here are my recommendations, but please feel free to browse. (Just remember, the clock is ticking!)
The Meaning of Life by Esquire Magazine, $19.95 from ZGallerie is definitely Dad-worthy:
Even a walk through 826NYC's Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company @ 372 5th Ave. Brooklyn, NY is a pretty amazing gift, but my fave item has to be the Index of Good And Evil, $15. ('Cause that's pretty handy information.)

I'm a huge fan of ThinkGeek. Don't get me started on the t-shirts, there's too much awesomeness there, but this is for the dad in your life, right? Well if he's handy and lazy at the same time, (oh, and they so are!) the Digital Measuring Tape, $24.99 is your best bet. No silly pencil and paper needed here!
With ten different categories, a Circle Choice package, $75 - 500 from Excitations is pretty much a no-brainer. With everything from Wolf Watching to Stock Car Ridealong to Indoor Skydiving to a Pool Lesson with a Pro, Dad can pick his own gift and you can be a rock star. (Or maybe he could!)

That's all folks! I hope you've gotten some ideas. I hope you get to the store in time (or express ship like nobody's business!) and I hope the Dad or Daddy or Papa or Poppy or whatever has a great day. 'Cause -like us moms- they know it's the thought that really counts. (But hide the price tag anyway!)
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