10 Things for my 100th post

It's my 100th Post! In celebration, I'm going to do one of those lists we all love so much. This one is...

10 (because 100 is just too, too much) Random Things About Tina:

1. I cannot sit in most chairs and touch the ground.

2. Because of this, I always sit Indian-style, even in restaurants.

3. I sing to myself through-out the day. This is not just at home. I do it at supermarkets, banks, doctors' waiting rooms, et al.

4. If I close my left eye, everything on the monitor becomes a blur of color. I am sitting just 2 & 1/2 feet away. If I close my right eye, my vision actually gets a little sharper.

5. I have been known to pop-lock in the kitchen w hen no one can see. Ciara, I am not.

6. In ninth grade, my English teacher was young and good-looking, and I wanted to impress him very badly. In my most sophisticated voice, I explained to him that the world is an "eneema". He gently corrected me, and explained that enigma is one of those words that is actually pronounced just as it is spelled. This memory still makes me cringe.

7. I hate reconstituted eggs, Spam, and processed cheese. Together, separate, whatever! There is a great deal of childhood trauma attached to those "food" items; and I will never, never, ever eat them; and you can't make me.

8. For years I refused to eat pork. I had to dissect a fetal pig in 6th grade and it was awful.

9. When I became pregnant with my daughter, I craved meat. Now, I make incredibly delicious pork chops at least twice a month.

10. I stopped attending the Catholic Church many, many years ago, but I still genuflect whenever I see a cross, during the Lord's Prayer and whenever I hear an emergency siren. Old habits die hard, I guess. (Though it probably looks pretty weird in parking lots!)

Yay, 100! Yay randomness!
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