What green thing are you doing today?

I'm giving about a ton of stuff to my church rummage sale. ("Ton" may not be much of an exaggeration. DH filled up the vehicle and plans on taking another trip later!)
By not tossing it all in the trash, I've saved lots of stuff from getting into the landfill, and prolonged the life of many perfectly usable items. Best part? Anything not sold this weekend will be given to local homeless shelters and thrift stores that support various charities.

And you might be doing...? Okay, maybe you need some ideas. I've got ideas, my friends. Let me share!

  • Sign up for Do The Green Thing, and commit to one green change each month.
  • Sign up with ProQuo and stop junk mail from coming to your house and save 1 million trees!
  • Go see DisneyNature's Earth at the theater today with your kiddos and foster an appreciation for our world.
  • Reuse paper by turning those google directions over and printing that recipe for chili cheese fries on it!
  • Stay home today! Don't use any gas, open the windows and turn off the A/C, the TV and the lights. Play board games, or finish that photo project you've been meaning to get to.
  • Enter the Peekaboo Picks Earth Week Giveaway.
  • If you must go out, make sure to bring your reusable bags with you. Stop in at Five Below and get one free with any $10 purchase.
  • Buy a pair of earrings from iSanctuary and support young women in India.
  • Unplug your cell phone charger. Yes, it is still getting voltage, even when your phone isn't attached.
  • For that matter, unplug your coffeepot and toaster, too.
  • Hang your clothes on a line, or over the tub.
  • Put signs above faucets to remind your family to turn off the water when brushing their teeth. Saves 26,000 gallons of water.
  • Switch to a reusable water bottle and save oil, carbon and an annual $334.
  • Clean Up! Sign up for a Beach Sweeps on Saturday.
Now that you know what to do, go on and do it!

Happy Earth Day!

(For more info, check out EarthDay.net)
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