Seven Lovely Things...

(Still not me, I'm afraid.)

It's that time again! I want to share some of my new faves...

Uno: Has got to be the serial Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. Pioneer Woman, Ree (who is basically amazing, she says oozing envy) tells the true story of her incredible romance. It's a saga, and it's not done yet!

Dos: Kara at Eli's Lids. She's funny and sweet, and I love her photoshopping. I found her blog courtesy of the Ultimate Blog Party, and I'm stoked about it.

Tres: Shopping for bridesmaids dresses with my Annie, on oppposite sides of the country! She lives in SoCal, and I'm in Baltimore, and we found this dress! She's getting married in August, and I am the *ahem* Matron of Honor.

Quatro: My friends at iSanctuary are participating in a Macy's sponsored fundraiser. For you SoCal folk, it would be wonderful if you could help them out. I've mentioned them a time or two, so you know how amazing I think these ladies are. (Okay, so not a new fave, but very much deserving of a shout-out!)

Cinco: Plinky. Funny and fun, though I haven't used a single prompt for my actual blog here, it's still pretty cool. (And I will, it's not all about Facebook, you know!)

Seis: Signing Time is (also) not a new fave, but definitely a renewed fave. I won the Parent Success Kit from them courtesy of 5 minutes for Mom and Happy Panda Baby. My son and daughter looooove the DVD's and the flash cards and book are really cute. I really am impressed with the guide that's included, and pretty well shocked myself with how many signs I actually know. Lil'Man, too. He has been using them constantly, and LivvieBug actually signs: "Momma, I want more milk, please;" totally in ASL! If I have any compaints, it's that Signing Time hasn't branched into teaching us grow-ups yet. Hint, hint, Rachel!

Siete: Nice people. I have had the pleasure of interacting with a number of incredibly nice people lately. Like Kathryn Balint of CropMom, who said such nice things about my fledgling scrap pages. And Amy G. of the CG Spouses' Club of Sector New York who actually called the local elementary school in order to answer a question I had about late registration for kindegarteners. And my daughter's Sunday School teacher, who is just a total sweetheart.

Anyway, Seven Things with love from me to you!
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