There's a Party in my Tummy, So Yummy, So Yummy!

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

For those in know, I apologize for stealing from Yo Gabba Gabba. (I've got a 4 year old and 22 month old. 'Nuff said.)

Welcome to my Blog Party, courtesy of the fab people at 5MFM! Woo-hoo! Yeah! All-right, get down,...okay,...hmmm, phew. Now that we've got that out of our systems, how 'bout a brief intro? (Please, return the favor in the comments section!)

My name is Tina, pleasure to meet you. What do I do? Um, this and that, mostly that. I'm a SAHM, who occasionally lights up Web 2.0 with my brilliance. Oh - you haven't heard of me, or my blog? Huh. Well, I've got two wild and crazy kids, they keep me pretty busy, you know.

I occasionally post product reviews, some solicited, some ... not. I am currently a volunteer for waaaay too many things, lol. I also do some virtual admin work on an extremely part-time basis. (Thanks alot, bad economy!)

I'm a beginning Digi-Scrapper, which is soooo fun and soooo frustrating at the same time, and I'm a declutter and organize-your-life junkie. Not that I am any less cluttered or more organized, I just love reading about how to do it.
I listen to the blues (but have been known to reminisce with the all '90s music channel!) and read at an unholy rate of some six to eight novels per week. (I know that's a lot, but I read really fast. Like really, really fast.) I'm scary addicted to Rob Bell's podcasts, which I listen to on my Zune. And... oh, I'm sorry. You wanted to speak about yourself. Oh, ahem. Well, I do tend to go on...and on....

Intro's made? Excellent, let's get to the food! ('Cause that's my fave part of any party.)

Some of my best:

Buffalo Drumsticks (which I have recently renamed Hot Legs, sounds kinda, you know, sexy. Well, as sexy as chicken legs can really be.)

"Super" Chili Cheese Fries (which goes to show that I love cooking for Super Bowl...)

Balsamic Strawberries and Ice Cream (Sounds wired, but tastes completely amazing!)

World Class Pork Chops
(DH's total fave, I make this at least twice a month.)

If you've got some fun recipes, feel free to point me to them. I love trying out new stuff.

Now for the music....

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I love parties, and I especially love parties with door-prizes! Here are my faves:

Uno: Prize # 58, The KitchenAid Stand Mixer (gorgeous!) from Moms Who Think.

Dos: Prize # 89, a $100 GC to HomeGoods, courtesy of HG Openhouse. (Um, so cool!)

Tres: Prize #53, The Signing Time Parent Success Kit from Signing Time. (We've been library borrowers for a couple of years, it'd be sooo nice to actually own one!)

Quatro: Prize # 40, The BocaBeth Grande Bag, courtesy of BocaBeth LLC

Also Prize #'s 106, 80, 83, 113, 96, 88, 15 & 81. Oh I want it all, why lie?

Wanna join in on the fun? Just head over to 5 Minutes For Mom's Ultimate Blog Party Page, get the button, banner and whatnot, write up your party post, add it to the appropriate Mr. Linky and attend as many other parties as you can handle! (And then go to ten more, lol!)

Awesome! Thanks for stopping by! Make sure to include your blog info if you'd like for me to come by your party!
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30 Response to "There's a Party in my Tummy, So Yummy, So Yummy!"

  1. CanCan (MomMostTraveled) says:
    March 20, 2009 at 1:57 PM

    True, I'm a little scared of the balsamic strawberries, but I'm willing to try! :)

  2. Kirsty says:
    March 20, 2009 at 4:42 PM

    Oh so much fun to meet you and I think you may be a soulmate-I have made Balsamic strawberries (with Greek yoghurt) and it is heavenly..

    The recipes all look mouth watering actually!!

    I'm so glad you stopped by my blog so that I was lucky enough to find yours! Thanks and look forward to getting to know you better!

  3. Snow White says:
    March 20, 2009 at 9:09 PM

    your recipes look great! and, digital scrapbooking sounds like something up my alley. thanks for stopping by!

  4. Jen L. says:
    March 20, 2009 at 10:14 PM

    Hey, Tina! Jen L. here from Hey Y'all. Love your blog! Can't wait to look at all your recipes. The Yo Gabba Gabba quote cracked me up. My husband and I wake each other up in the middle of the night to sing those songs.
    Happy blogging!

  5. Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry says:
    March 20, 2009 at 11:20 PM

    It's great to meet and thank you so much for the recipes - they sound delicious!

  6. *Lissa* says:
    March 21, 2009 at 10:21 AM

    Hello! The recipes sound great!

  7. Sherry says:
    March 21, 2009 at 11:40 AM

    Great to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your recipes sound scrumptious!!

  8. Mean Muggs says:
    March 21, 2009 at 2:22 PM

    I will always bow down in abject awe of you cooking skills my dear! I'm not in the big party but wanted to give some love anyway!

  9. Shey says:
    March 21, 2009 at 2:59 PM

    Oh, sounds fun, fun, fun. Will try that out later if I have time. Thanks for sharing again!

  10. JamericanSpice says:
    March 21, 2009 at 4:11 PM

    Nice to meet you!

    Talk about a party!

    I'm quite intrigued and am learning how to get around!

    Just stopping by from 5minutes for moms blog party!

  11. Cascia says:
    March 21, 2009 at 9:29 PM

    Party hopping and just wanted to say hello!

  12. Tiffany says:
    March 21, 2009 at 9:48 PM

    Balsamic and strawberries sounds very different, but worth a try. I'm stopping by from UPB!

  13. Casual Friday Everyday says:
    March 21, 2009 at 10:50 PM

    Hi there! Nice to meet you. I'm here from the UBP and I look forward to getting to know you more this week.


  14. Allison says:
    March 22, 2009 at 4:31 PM

    I'm stopping by from the UBP. I'm newly into digi-scrapping too, and it's definitely a love/hate relationship! I'm trying to get it all figured out! It's great to "meet" you! Have a wonderful day!

  15. JamericanSpice says:
    March 22, 2009 at 5:13 PM

    It is indeed a gorgeous home but it isn't mine. It's one from that I've fallen in love with.

    Hope you are enjoying the party...not that I know what to do but I'm meeting some wonderful people!

  16. Baba says:
    March 22, 2009 at 5:19 PM

    Hi! Nice to meet you. Hubby does all the cooking at our house. I haven't tried digital scrapbooking yet, but I love to scrap book. I am participating too so stop in for a visit. Party on!

  17. Mom to Five says:
    March 22, 2009 at 8:03 PM

    Okay, chili cheese fries sound SOOO delish-and naughty for my tummy:) Thank you for stopping by my blog on the UBP train. Have a great week!!!

  18. Eli's Lids says:
    March 23, 2009 at 1:40 AM

    Love the idea of hot legs! I'm so not a great cook. I love it when I do it but having the right stuff on hand is always a problem.

  19. Mike says:
    March 23, 2009 at 2:13 PM

    Hello there. Knocking on your door from the blog party. Hope you don’t mind.


    Twitter: About Parenting

  20. Super Fun Mama says:
    March 23, 2009 at 2:54 PM

    Hi there, coming over as a blog hopper taking part in UBP. It is very nice to meet you and your blog. I have a blog at It is a blog about the learning and fun activities I do with my tot. Very nice to meet you!

  21. StacieinAtlanta says:
    March 23, 2009 at 8:46 PM

    Hi Tina-

    I am just stopping in from The Ultimate Blog Party to say hello. Come by my place to enter to win a LeapFrog Tag Reading System and some books. :)

    The Divine Miss Mommy

  22. Comfort Joy Designs says:
    March 24, 2009 at 12:32 AM

    Hello! Poppin’ in from The Ultimate Blog Party…all the way from Queensland, Australia! G’Day! I hope you have time to visit my party soon.


    I want to invite you to the Mommie Daze Virtual Baby Shower that I am hosting May 15 to June 8. This is an international even and there are prizes! Stop by my blog for all the details.

  23. LifeAtTheCircus says:
    March 24, 2009 at 1:09 PM

    That pork chop recipe sounds delish. I am always looking for a good way to do pork chops. I think they are kinda tricky, ya know?

  24. Tiaras and Tantrums says:
    March 25, 2009 at 12:11 AM

    love all your scrap pages - I am so grossly behind (like a year +) in scrapping - party hopping - nice to meet your blog

  25. carma says:
    March 25, 2009 at 11:36 AM

    that balsamic strawberry recipe does sound good!

  26. Daniele says:
    March 25, 2009 at 3:46 PM

    party hopping & saying hi! come by if you can.

  27. Reluctant Housewife says:
    March 26, 2009 at 2:24 PM

    Recipes... Nice! What a fun way to party.

    Party on!

  28. Gudrun from Kitchen Gadget Girl says:
    March 27, 2009 at 12:43 AM

    I love a party with food - I feel so welcome :-)

    And love that you do all sorts of things, interesting people do a variety of things, IMHO.

    Great to meet you, glad I found your blog through UBP!


  29. Pamela Kramer says:
    March 30, 2009 at 1:36 PM

    Here comes the prize train....TOOT TOOT!!!! You're a winner, stay tuned!

  30. Showayne says:
    November 25, 2010 at 4:56 AM

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