It was pretty "great", after all

I Heart Clara!

Now, you know I'm a budget-minded gal, and I am forever trying to feed us as cheaply as possible, and still make good, stick-to-your-ribs food. Clara Cannucciari has got the goods! (I especially love her "low-tech" cooking utensils!

Clara is fantastic, 93 years old, and did I say fantastic?

There's a DVD coming out this month, hopefully a cookbook, and you can link to Clara at Facebook - (Huh, my grandma has a Facebook account, too. What's up with that?) where she's got over 1800 friends.
Her grandson (who makes the videos,) also regularly updates the Depression Cooking with Clara blog, so be a follower! You can get more info about this super lady and how she became a YouTube sensation, at

When they come out with a tee-shirt, I am sooo getting one.
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