Have you heard of this site? I love the tagline, Helium - Where Knowledge Rules. It pretty much completely describes what the site is all about. Basically an article submission site, where the most popular items (voted as such by members) are the first listed. The writers are also the editors! It's publishing turned on it's head.
It's also pretty dang cool. They host Writing Contests, Debates, Citizen Journalism Awards, Write for a Cause, and The Global Issues/Citizen Voices Essay Contests.

With articles in such topics ranging from Arts & Humanities to Personal Finance to Travel to Parenting to Politics and beyond, you''ll no doubt find something of interest to read. And if you're looking for someone to write an article for you, Helium's Marketplace is the place to go. Another huge perk? Helium actually pays you for your submitted content! Helium’s best writers earn cash through upfront payments for contributed work, daily revenue share, and the aforementioned writing contests! Pretty slick, right. Okay, you're excited, you wanna get over ther, but WAIT!

You know I'm crazy addicted to the internet, and that I'm all about stuff that interests me. Welllll... Helium has another super-cool tool that I am especially thrilled to tell you about, the new Betaville Zones.

According to Helium: "Zones are Helium's mini-websites that users create around focused subjects. Zones are literally put together with building blocks of content, from Helium Debates and articles to YouTube videos, weather updates, Google maps and much more. If you think a picture is worth more than 1000 words on a subject, add it to your Zone! Want to try a new Web presence for your business? Grab a Zone and get creative!"

Um - so you know I had to make one, right? It's called Mompreneur and it's focus is moms who work for themselves. Featuring WAHM's Mom-owned retail sites, blogs, product creators, articles for working moms, videos, links to social networking sites, you name it. I would love it if some of you would check it out! >In fact it's being featured today!

So come check it out, tell me what you think, give me some ideas, please!

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1 Response to "Helium"

  1. The Glamorous WAHM says:
    February 11, 2009 at 11:03 AM

    I love your blog! Dang on it..something else pulling me to the internet! :o)

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