Yay - more Bloggy carnival!

Told you I'd be back!

Chic Critique - Slimpressions control top. As a "Have", I know exactly what kind I want!

Savings Diner - a neat-o digital scrapbooking package. (Since all my pics these days are online only, I would looooooove this!)

Cent with Love - Envirosax bag in four color choices. (I like the guava!)

Sweet Savings - Dinner and a movie for two. (Lord - you know we need this!)

Something Snappy - seriously yummy Bamboo sheets.

Frugal Mommy of Two Girls - Italian treats from That's Caring. (Dinner for four from appetizers to dessert & coffee!)

Mom Most Traveled - Travel games from Minimus.biz (perfect for families that spend a lot of time in airplanes, like mine!)

A Cowboy's Wife - A Flip Video Camera! You know you want one, too!

Unexpected Bliss - $50 GC to Amazon - Sweet!

Okay, okay - I swear I'm done! I just love this stuff, ya know?
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