Mi Numero Uno!

To begin - I don't speak Spanish - but I took it for four years in school, so I like to use as many phrases as possible, just so those hard-working teachers don't feel like they wasted their time. Except maybe for Mrs. Gossett - (hey, I was thirteen and boys, make-up & NKOTB seemed waaaay more important!)
Also, I'm pretty sure that anyone who thinks that other people are going to be so interested in what they've got to say has to be pretty arrogant, so yeah, I am. Hence the decision to blog about mi vida. (There I go again!)
How 'bout some background? I am a Gemini, born in the year of the Horse (go ahead, look it up) and a baptized Catholic but Methodist attending. I am Staten Island, NY born, Victorville, CA adolesced (is that even a word?) and Catonsville, MD resided. I've lived and passed through many other places in my 29+ years, no doubt I'll bring many of them up in future posts.
Being a natural wanderer, the Coastie life is pretty cool. Did I mention that my DH is a Marine Science Tech in the US Coast Guard? No? Ah, well - there you go then.
Baltimore is only our second posting, (our first station was Alameda, CA) and we like it pretty well here.
I am a lousy housekeeper, a pretty good cook, a voracious reader and (so far) a decent mom. (Time will have to tell on that last one!) I'll probably talk about potty-training, politics, (almost the same thing, I swear) recipes, my thoughts on unorganized religion, the mystery of dryer lint (if my clothes aren't shrinking - where does it come from?), great books and trashy novels, random complaints, not so random gratitudes, current events and pretty much whatever I'm in the mood for.
One more thing - you may have noticed that I linked up a lot of phrases here. That's 'cause when I see something interesting while I'm online I look it up - maybe you would also like to but you're too lazy to copy/paste into your search box. No prob, I did the work for you. See, already I am aiding and abetting you. This could be fun!
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