Some Shout-outs

Even though I've been an absentee here in blog-land, I have been online. Some sites have made me laugh, cry, feel righteous, uncomfortable, and fired-up. Some did all of those things!

Here's the who's-who of my online loves (in no particular order):

WAHM 2.0 'Cause Kelly McCausey knows her stuff...
Joomla awesome website development!
List PlanIt um, lists, lists and more lists for people (like me!) who love erm, lists!
Traveling with kids a retail site, it's all in the name
Etsy if you aren't buying from here...Why not?
Online-Sweepstakes um, because I like free stuff, and so do you - I just know it.
Christian Women Online full of Godly goodies
Cool Mom Picks reviews of stuff I never knew I needed
SAHM Answers all kindsa stuff
Family Time something we all need to get lots of....
YummyMummy club they say that "mummy needs to play, too" - I couldn't agree more!

Oh, man and so many more, but my kids are ready for some momma-attention now. More later, BYE!
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1 Response to "Some Shout-outs"

  1. listplanit says:
    November 2, 2008 at 1:06 PM

    Thanks for linking to ListPlanIt! Glad you are enjoying it!!


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