My-oh Mama Mio

My boobs just aren't what they used to be. *sigh*

Two babies, and they've lost that perky profile I was so proud of. No really - not to be terribly immodest, but I had a great pair. Now, however, there's a definite droop.

Enter...Bootcamp for Boobs. Mama Mio's boxed skincare set that promises to "perk your profile in 30 days". That's a pretty big promise. Can they deliver?

Included in the box are two of their luxe skincare products, Tummy Toner (called "gym for slack skin") which is meant to lift and tone & Boob Tube, whose purpose is to help your chest "defy gravity" (and smells yummy!). Also you get a handy laminated how-to card which explains the process, and has diagrams of the two mandatory (yup!) exercises that target your pectoral muscles.

And then there's the bottom. Mine specifically. I wasn't exactly known for my butt, however, I always thought it fit my body, filled out my jeans nicely, and never, ever jiggled inappropriately. Ah, I wish I could blame that loss on my children, but it's all the internet's fault. Too much time in a chair has flattened and broadened my err, rear.

No fear, Mama Mio has an answer for that, too!
Bootcamp for Butts is another boxed set; for booty-lifting this time. Included is the handy how-to card, Tummy Toner, Body Buff (a gentle exfoliant) and Shrink to Fit Cream (this stuff is awesome!).

As it's a 30-day program, and I'll be updating weekly with my progress.

I have totally been doing it all this week. DH and the kids find the exercises pretty funny, and the "Doggy" is definitely the favorite. You wish I was masochistic enough to upload video, but I'm not...
I liked the Body Buff, especially that it's not very strongly scented. The Tummy Toner, which comes in both kits, is light and easy to apply. The Boob Tube is thick and smells pretty yummy. (Probably thanks to the Avocado Oil and Shea Butter.) The Shrink to Fit cream leaves a kind of tingle behind, and it lasts for a good long while. So far, so not much difference, to be honest. My skin does feel smoother, but I haven't noticed any real lift, either North or South... Still, I have high hopes, and figure that I just need some more time.

I sooooo hope this works!
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