Layaway is back!

You probably know by now that Wally-world has *gasp* ended it's layaway service. (Why - oh why?)

But there is still hope my bloggy-friends. Did you know that you can do layaway at Sears? Yup! Your local mall anchor-store has brought back that holiday lifesaver!

All you need to do is walk in, gather your perfect gift purchases, go to ANY register and breathe those magic words, "Layaway, please." Of course they require a deposit, and you really need to make payments on those gifts (or they will languish at the store without you.)

I bet you wanna know what's on my wish-list... 'course you do.

For my lil' man, I soooo love this

Chicco Chicco: DJ Guitar Cute, huh?

For my lil' darlin' it's gotta be the Moon Sand Adventure Island
(She is crazy about Moon Sand. Really, really nuts for it.)

And for my honey, 'cause he seriously rocks: Mi Jam Pro Air Drummer (Um, yes, I know it's a toy. ) That's totally the point...and of course, he totally needs the Craftsman LocBoard 64 pc. Heavy-Duty Steel Storage cause, well - his tools could use a decent place to live...

For my Ma: The Concept Housewares Espresso Wood Rectangular Ceiling Rack, she's moving in just a couple of weeks, and she plans to completely renovate the kitchen in her new home. How cute would this rack be?

And my mother-in-law would absolutely love this
Zero Xposur Mini Dot Jacket.

Yay, Sears! The call it wish granting. For budget-concious families, I have to agree....

So get on over to the Sears Layaway and make some wishes come true!

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