poor little bug

I hope you ll had a fine fourth. BBQ, friends and family, parades, fireworks, etc. We tried to. Catonsville hosts a big-deal July Fourth celebration, with kid's games and races, booths, a 61 year old parade, and an impressive fireworks display.

But yesterday morning, our Liv woke up with a fever. Poor little bug. My girl is a lively one, normally. Everything she does and says is imbued with masses of energy, and for her to do little more than lay on the couch, pushing away food, it's just heartbreaking. When she woke from her afternoon nap, we hoped she'd feel well enough to at least see the parade, but her eye was swollen nearly shut.

Here - I'd like to b*tch a little about the way our health care system is run. Because there are no office hours on holidays (and okay, I understand that - even doctors deserve some time off) you have to call the after-hours care number. Why do they spend more time and concern regarding your bloody insurance information than in giving any useful stinking advice? After going through our particulars with two completely different people (very s-l-o-w-l-y), I was told that I'd have to wait over an hour before a nurse would be available to call me back. I wondered aloud if I should just take my sweetling to Urgent Care, and was told that they couldn't help me with that. (Uh, hello - why am I calling here in the first place? Aren't you supposed to help me?)

We plied her with children's Tylenol, and Pedialyte, and she seemed to liven up a bit, so we waited for the call. Of course, a person over the phone cannot give a diagnoses, only very generic advice. Liquids, rest, more Tylenol for the fever, yada, yada, yadda. Then I tried to find out where we should take her or if we should take her to Urgent care at all, and went similarly unhelped. Gah. Useless.

The later it got, the more listless she became, and DH insists we should just take her in. Phew.

Know this about me. I am not a doctor lover. I don't go unless I absolutely have to, or DH makes a big deal about it, because in general, I just feel like I can take care of myself. Though I am not nearly so cavalier with my children, I do tend to want to hold back. I mean, kids get sick, and then they get better, and Lord knows - one of the worst places to be with a sick kid is in a doctor's reception room or waiting area at the E.R. I'm just saying.

However, in general, in this area, I tend to let DH lead, cause it's better to be overcautious than under. Ah, yeah. I sure am glad I did.

We went to St. Agnes' Pediatric Emergency Care. Not only was it one of the best ER visits in my experience, but fairly fast, too. We waited less than two minutes before being seen by the triage nurse, and less than ten for the ER doctor. (DH and I were stunned. This is totally unprecedented.)

A few questions, a brief, but gentle exam (that Liv cried and cringed over - this kid hates doctors, too many needles as far as she's concerned,) and hey ho, diagnosis.

DH and I fully expected to hear that she had a weird virus or something like that. What we were informed, however, was that our kiddo had cellulitus, a skin infection. Possibly caused by a bug bite. I was completely bugged out when I googled it. On the one hand, fairly common - but if left untreated, possible death! Or blindness in children whose eyes have been infected. Holy crapola! Thank God for DH's doctor-love. Thank God for St. Agnes. Though I no longer consider myself Catholic, no girl raised as one would have felt any less comforted (though mildly weirded out) by the sound of a nun reciting the Trinity and Psalm 23 over the intercom system.

We did get a little something in, though. On our way home from the ER, we dropped off her antibiotics scrip at a 24 hour pharmacy (thank you for that, by the way) and stood in the parking lot, watching the far-off fireworks loosed in celebration of our nation's indepedence. Ah, well. Better than last year, anyway. Did I mention? Last year we spent most of the fourth at the Children's Hospital with our younger son, at the time, just days old. I'm thinking, next year - lets try to start a new tradition. One that doesn't mean sick kiddos.
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1 Response to "poor little bug"

  1. Mean Muggs Says:
    July 7, 2008 at 9:28 AM

    Fingers crossed and prayers said that the tradition hasn't already started!

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