Toilet Talk, on Monday?

So, it's been a long week. I hosted a playdate for my Baltimore Moms Meetup group on Saturday.

Overall I wouldn't say my house was overly unclean. (About the average for a mother of young ones, she says defensively.) But it was certainly overdue for a spring cleaning purge. What that translated to was roughly four days of non-stop scrubbing, polishing, sorting, tossing, get the idea. I ignored my children. I fed my husband leftovers, and when those ran out, he was left to fend for himself, and God have mercy on his soul if he should make a mess in my sparkling kitchen. (Which of course he did, and the bathroom as well, so of course I had to do them both all over again, grrr.) Okay - I'll admit that I knew there was no real way to keep those two rooms clean for more than thirty minutes, so I wasn't really upset, but it sounded good, you know?

I want to talk about that bathroom, real quick. Specifically, about what I used to clean the toilet. (Oh, all right, it isn't sexy, but I did get a thrill.) Up until recently, I've been using "The Works" toilet bowl cleaner, 'cause, well, But it is noxious. You have to be able to vent the room, otherwise it might fry your brains. Well, maybe not, but still.

You may have read about my quest for simple but effective eco-friendliness in my home. You can look back here. I've heard good things about Clorox's new eco-friendly cleaning product line, Green Works. I thought I'd give it a try, even though I have a natural scepticism regarding natural cleansers. (Blame it all on Ma, she's the one who taught me that if you haven't trashed your hands, it's not nearly clean enough.)

I've been disappointed a time or two, by "natural" household cleansers touting their effectiveness, so I wasn't expecting much; but in all honesty, I was amazed by Clorox Green Works natural toilet bowl cleaner. (See photo to left.) Very reasonably priced at $2.79 at Target, and $3.19 at Giant (a local grocery store). Bargain hunter that I am, I'll bet you can guess where I actually purchased it.

Also, it smelled great. I mean, it smelled good enough to be some kind of snazzy spa hair treatment. Kinda like lemony-coconut. Makes sense considering that the ingredients are:

  • essential lemon oil,

  • glycerine,

  • coconut-based cleaning agent(nonionic surfactants, alkyl polyglucoside),

  • filtered water,

  • natural thickener (xanthan gum),

  • blue and yellow colorant,

  • lactic acid, citric acid

And that's it! I repeat, that's it!

So - it's inexpensive, it smells good, it isn't full of sixteen-letter, nine-syllable chemicals. You might wonder, does this gloriously-scented stuff actually work? You bet it does! Clorox is known for being hard-core, right? I mean, it's practically synonymous with bleach, (ie, when you hear the word bleach, you think of Clorox) the hardest hitter in your cleaning bucket. (As an aside there is no bleach in green works, see ingredient list above.) So, I really should not have been surprised by the cleaning action of Green Works. Even so, it left my toilet sparkling & fresh-smelling; and left me headache free. Hands down a winner 'round here.

Especially as the non-toxic qualities of Clorox Green Works natural toilet bowl cleaner makes my life that much easier. Now I can scrub the toilet while the three year old water-bug (that'd be my daughter) pretends she's a whale in the tub, without frying her brain. (I love multi-tasking!)
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1 Response to "Toilet Talk, on Monday?"

  1. The Little Window Shoppe says:
    June 21, 2008 at 11:37 AM

    Good to know. Thank you for the review. :)

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