Supery Dupery, People!

OK- its been a crazy, mixed-up week. DH's schedule has been outrageous - and so I've been running almost non-stop. Good news, though - I've actually made a live friend. You know, the kind who actually can come over and play in my yard. Well, we just sit and watch the kiddos play, but you get the general idea. Her daughter is just one day older than my Bug, and they are the exact same height (which is a novelty, as Miss 'Tude is generally a good four or five inches taller than most three year olds we've met.) They are like long lost BFF's from the get-go. It's adorable to see their little heads together, one redhaired, one blonde - and know that they are plotting some kind of mischief. At last, my girl has a co-conspirator. It fair to warms my heart, it does.
All right; enough about me per se, it's Tuesday! You know what that means my virtual friends!

I just love the Washington Post sometimes. Tonight Robert G. Kaiser is doing a live breakdown online tonight of the poll returns from those illustrious states of Indiana & North Carolina. (Don't know why these are so important? Arggh. Okay, check this out: Real Clear Politics' Adam Nagourney can fill you in with For Primaries in 2 States, a Variety of Scenarios.) Back to Robert, the man is just funny. Check out his response to a query from Kansas City, MO.

Thus far it looks like Obama is pulling ahead. Since Gary, Indiana has no real numbers published yet, it's hard to know exactly how it went down in Indiana, but right now, Obama has 1,842 delegates to Clinton's 1,692. If you know anything about the Democratic party, you'd know the game isn't over yet, as Hillary is carrying a lead of 14 Super Delegate votes. Barack is winning the popular vote by a measly 2.1% Yikes! On to the next one my friends. See ya there!

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