Seven More...

It's another list! Oh - how I love lists, I like to make lists of everything. Travel lists, Places To See lists, Grocery lists, Baby Gear lists, To-Do lists (not that they become To-Done lists), you name it.

So here's another Seven Things I Really Love Right Now ('Cause I'm so fickle you know)

Uno: Click To Give, it's a button at The Child Health Site. "Every click on the "Click Here to Give - it's FREE" button results in funding raised for Mercy Corps, Prosthetics Outreach Foundation, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and Helen Keller International." (Straight from the site.) I feel good 'cause a child somewhere feels good - it's all good. I actually set the entire GreaterGood Network as one of my home page tabs in Internet Explorer so I'd remember to click on each page, every day. You could, too - I'm just saying.

Last year the GreaterGood Network gave over $1.7 million to charity, via it's Click To Give program and Site Stores which feature handmade, cruelty-free, fair trade goodies from all over the world. Show 'em some love people! You can also click for mammograms at The Breast Cancer Site, food at The Hunger Site, books at The Literacy Site, protection at The Rainforest Site, and care at The Animal Rescue Site. It's awesome, I tell ya!

Dos: Debbie Jordan Kravitz of D & R Custom Organizers, and her blog Virtually Organized. (Hah - get it? virtually? heh, heh.) I especially like her suggestion of a "Lost and Found" basket. All the toys, papers, clothes, etc; that are left lying around at the end of the day get tossed into the basket. Once a week all items still in the basket get tossed or donated. (The really cool stuff can obviously be donated to yourself - being the boss does have its privileges!) Now, my kiddos are a little young for this, but DH isn't!

The other thing I really like about her is her awesome giveaways. Right now she's giving away an amazing 6 month Virtual Organizing Consultant Package (Hello - who couldn't use this?) worth I swear, $570! I plan on entering myself (just as soon as I get my camera fixed, which has been broken since October and has been on that To-Do list for-like-ever, perfect example of how badly I need some organizing help.)
Do you wanna know how to get in on the action? Click the button below - or go here: with a brief video about your own disorganization, and how you could so desperately use a little help from Debbie! The contest begins June 1st and entries will be accepted through June 30th. Git 'er up!

Tres: Crypto-Grams &

Quatro: Chuck Norris jokes

For your pleasure, I will combine them in a fun game. Really - it's a blast! The quote is courtesy of For more cryptograms, check out


Here are a few hints: The most common letters of the alphabet are R, S, T, L, N & E. Two and three letter words are usually the easiest to translate. Look for double letters - these are great clues. Good Luck! (Drop me a line if you just can't figure it out!)

Cinco: You should really play here for a while. (It's a flash page.) My three year old loves it. It's like Paint, but it streaks and blobs, and you just click your mouse to change colors mid-stroke as many times as you like. It totally reminds me of that scene in Ian Falconer's Olivia.

Seis: American Idol - even when I don't agree with the way it all goes down. It's a ridiculous spectacle - I get that. I'm pretty sure it's that way on purpose. I knew from the get-go that it'd be the Davids in the final, but I would have bet money (if I actually had any, that is) that Archuletta would be taking the title. I'm sure that he'll still be a mega-star, I mean second place ain't no joke, as more than 35 million voting fans can attest. Yes, you may make fun of me. It's the only reality TV that I watch and therefore I am not ashamed to cop to it. Moving on, now.

Siete: In The MotherHood Oh, lord - I can't help but crack up at the antics displayed here. If you haven't seen these video shorts yet, you'd better get there quick. It's a web-series starring Leah Remini, Chelsea Handler and Jenny McCarthy. Each episode is inspired by real stories from moms and then played to hilarious effect by the leading ladies. My fave webisode so far? Nightmare on a Plane, Episode 2 from Season 1. Go on and submit your own story - it may be a winner, and then I can laugh at your crazy life.
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1 Response to "Seven More..."

  1. Debbie Jordan Kravitz says:
    May 23, 2008 at 2:57 PM

    Thanks so much for your kind words about my site! And for passing on the word about my video contest! I'll be watching for YOUR video entry to come in soon ;)


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