'S Monday Again

As my 30th birthday creeps ever closer, I'm finding myself looking for all new ways of occupying my little mind. (If i ignore it, it might go away.) Wanna here about a couple?

Enter Brain Foggles Blog Contest May 16 thru May 30

BrainFoggles is hosting an amazing giveaway. It's an SEO optimized Wordpress blog. But she doesn't just plan on leaving it there. This giveaway also comes with hosting for one year, keyword research, advice on picking a profitable niche for the blog, complete set up of Wordpress and associated plugins, (There's still more!) SEO theme, tech support and Advisory Panel input, and a custom header. I've been daydreaming about winning this and becoming a super special blog celeb or making lots of moolah, or even just how fun setting it all up would be - any of which would satisfactorily distract me from turning 30. (By the way - it's called fantasizing for a reason - I'm pretty well aware that it's highly unlikely that any of those things will distract me, lol.)

Another thing that's been pretty fun? Being a Research Guide at ChaCha. The pay is nominal, but I've been having a blast answering the huge array of questions posted by the "infoseekers" as we like to call them. If you haven't heard of ChaCha, you are so missing out!

What is ChaCha?
ChaCha is a human-powered search and answers service. We deliver answers
via text or PC, anytime, anywhere. It's free, available 24 hours a day, and has
30,000 active guides, with thousands searching each week and hundreds online at any time.*

*directly from the handbook

Just go to ChaCha.com, or text 242242 (chacha) with your cell phone and get answers for your questions! The usual wait time for an answer is about 3 minutes, often less, but no longer than 10. Each answer comes with a tiny url and the best humanly devised answer for your query. Typical questions are for driving directions, name searches, (a lot of people want to know what the internet says about them) movie times, jokes, pick-up lines, clebrity facts, historical references, that kind of stuff. I've heard that it's the perfect way to settle bar bets, spouse debates, homework trouble - you get it, right? Hey, I suggest you try it out, and maybe I'll be the guide responding to your question. Fun, yeah?
Last, but not least, I've been planning a Classic Rock Theme Party for my in-laws 30th anniversary this August. Invites, CD labels for favors, centerpieces, bowls made from vinyl records for dishing out snack items, killer music list - I've got that. Now I'm trying to figure out some 70's era party dishes to serve. Got any ideas folks? I sure would appreciate 'em.

Anyway - that's what I've been up to. Thanks for letting me share. Now I'm going to go hope that our laundry will be stimulating enough to make it worth the outrageous amount of time it takes to get it all done. (Another fantasy, I know.)
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