Weirdness, and other things my children have inherited from me

Um-kay. Lord knows that I can be kinda out there. In high school I reveled in my ability to be likably strange. I wore hand-painted nurse's shoes, argyle socks, dresses from the Goodwill, men's ties, 100% polyester plaid pants and my hair was rarely the same color for long. I was a drama-kid. (Of course.) I listened to the Violent Femmes, Naughty By Nature, Foxy Brown, Smashing Pumpkins and Ugly Kid Joe, Miles Davis, Primus, Dusty Springfield, the Cranberries and Outkast. (As an aside, I'm going to brag here: I still know all of the words to "Pretty Fly" and "Whoomp there it is.")

For your enjoyment!

Oh - the memories!

These days, I still lay claim to an off-beat sense of humor, and eclectic taste in music - but my look is less "trying-to-piss-off-Mom" and more "I-kinda-look-like-my-mom."

My three year old doesn't care at all about what her clothes look like- because she's torn them all off already. "Be-e-ell-yyyy" she will emote at me, so that I can (hopefully) recognize the extreme blessed freedom there seems to be in letting the belly out to play. She has tried to get me to let my belly out on several occasions. I think that's not a terribly good idea. blob

It's hardly the only funky thing she has going on - like her obsession with licking her hands and wiping the spit on mirrors, computer and TV screens, windows, etc. Last night her chicken nuggets went into battle. I know because of the gruesome sound effects that accompanied the various dance moves she directed. She thanks me in Chinese, insists that she is a baby, and this somehow requires squealing the word "baby" over and over. She dances in the aisle at church. She rolls around on the floor during cherub choir, but sings every word here at the house. She loves to "exercise" but hates it when I do. She completely ignores her brother unless no one else is watching, and then she lectures him about proper play etiquette. I never did any of this stuff when I was her age. (I was much, much worse!)
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