This is so cool, but not easy...

Mother's Day is coming. It's 4 weeks away! Since my mom and mother-in-law live in California, I have to get the gifting done and soon. Of the two, I'd rather shop for DH's mom. She has very distinct preferences, and doesn't mind having a lot of any specific item. For example, her favorite color is green. Now, to you and I this would mean she prefers green tops, or bedding or some such. For my MIL, it means that everything is green. Carpet, tile, car, curtains, 95% of her clothing and jewelry. She also loves appleware. If it's got an apple on it, she may already have it. Also, she loves her some Jesus. Now between those three things, it's hard not to find something she'll really like. In past years I've gotten her ('cause DH never does mom-shopping) a silver and jade bracelet, mother's birthstone heart/cross necklace from Limoges Jewelry, apple shaped doodads - you get the idea, right?

This year I'm looking at a pair of pretty silver and peridot (her birthstone) earrings from The Hunger Site which, when purchased will also provide 25 cups of food. (Quick aside, I keep this site as one of my homepage tabs, so that I remember to click every day, as each click provides food for the hungry.)
The tricky stuff comes when the gift is for my Ma. There are lots of us kids, and between us, the poor woman doesn't have room for even one more sentimental knick-knack. She only wears gold hoop earrings, so for the last couple of years I've tried to buy souped-up versions of her old standby. No surprise, she never wears them.

One year I bought her wine with personalized labels. They were so nice she refused to drink the wine. (So they become yet another dustcatcher. Snap.) You can order just the labels from Wine Etc. for about 5 dollars each or have them added to any bottle you like. If you're purchasing for a non-imbiber, consider sparkling water or other favorite beverage, and look to Bottle Your Brand for custom sizing and a page of 10 for $9.99.

Right now I'm thinking about ordering a set of notepads from a neat stationary website, Design-Her Gals. My pal Meggie ordered me the absolute best apron from them last year for my birthday, and I wear it nearly every night. The variety of print choices is so cool, like calling cards (pictured right), to-do lists, greeting cards, stickers, tee-shirts, etc. You custom-make your own gals and (to be honest) I just like to play around in the dressing room. The ladies behind the company set it up to be so much fun that it's like clothes shopping, but waaaay better. (No bad lighting or unforgiving mirrors!) You get to save nine "gals" (who can have companions of the male, pet and child varieties) and I made a scorching good likeness of my mom. She's a note scribbler, and maybe she'd dig the artistic rendering of herself. I mean, I rarely get her something she'll actually use, so this may be my only shot!
As for myself - I've got my eye on the pretty Grey Skies Are Gonna Clear Up necklace from Eclectic Eccentricity. Now - I just gotta make sure that DH sees this post, lol.
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