Something to Talk About...

Hmmm... let's discuss uh, discussing. I love to talk. Love it, love it! I especially like to expound. DH often has to remind me that being up on my soapbox all the time can be tiring for those people I've managed to corral, (specifically him).

I love talking about all the no-no's like politics, religion and how people are screwing up their kids. Oh, yes - I've told complete strangers not just what they are doing wrong, but also how to make it right. I know that it's considered taboo, but I just can't help it. If your kid is acting up in a public place, it's because they need attention. Not a screaming idiot - but some good-old fashioned attention! Gah!
When I was a child - my adult supervision was kind of superficial. When there was one around, they were in charge. (I had many, many honorary aunts and uncles.) In other words, if a woman down the street thought we were misbehaving, she'd tell us to knock it off, and that was it. If I'd ever tried that "You ain't my mother" crap - I'd have gotten my head knocked off, twice! (First for talking back and second for the poor grammer.)

Religion is another subject protected by social niceties. I've had some real barnstormers over that one, let me tell'ya. DH comes from extremely conservative stock, and my family tends to vote democrat down the line. Add to that my natural inclination to stir the pot, and you've got super fun family dinners! Bring on gay marriage and let go the fireworks!

But politics, oh, how a good political debate can turn into a nasty free-for-all. Invigorating! Right now I'm leaning toward Senator Obama, and as I have mentioned in an earlier post, the in-laws are really upset about it. You wouldn't believe some of the e-mails I've gotten. Woo-ee. Something about him really gets under the skin of ultra-conservative types, and that suits me right down to the ground. For those like me, check out smallplanet, I think you'll like the site.

My point is that if you want to talk about it - even if you disagree, (especially if you disagree,) look me up! I'm willing, able and even anxious!

Oh, yeah one last thing. It's my brother's birthday today, April Fool's Anth!
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