A little self-love (no, not that kind!)

It's another Monday. Another weekend has ended and my accomplishments are glaringly minute. Um, I did manage to scrub the tub (right before I put my daughter in it, so it was totally clean for @ 3 minutes.) Oh, and I switched out the rug in my son's room. ('Course, I bought the new one two months ago.) I even managed to take all of the kid's new toys they received for Easter out of the gift bags they were given in. (Yeah.)

I also played catch with DH and Liv in the back-yard, and read a story to my son on a blanket in the grass. I spent nearly an hour talking with my sister-in-law about the difficult time she's having breast-feeding her newborn. I watched my 9 month old cruise around the ottoman for the first time. DH and I had a serious discussion about faith, and no one felt wronged or misunderstood.

What I mean to say is that sometimes (alright, most-times) I neglect the house stuff so that I can put good time in on the people-stuff. I have a seriously mean conscience, so I spend a lot of time self-lambasting. (You screw-up, look at what you've done now; type of stuff.) Avoid with me, if you can, the obvious psycho-analysis. Today - I'm going to administer a little self-love. Yay, me. I was a good mom, wife, Christian, and friend this weekend. That's fine work!

And I promise to do something about the piles of laundry, today - I swear.
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