Is there a Toddler Whisperer out there?

Some days all I want to do is lay my weary self down. My daughter is going through a "stage". You may have heard of it - we call it being difficult, but really she's just trying to dominate me. Her recent attempts include raising her voice, giving commands, ignoring my requests, whining and sobbing hysterically when she hears the word "No". (In my defense, I'm not putting up with it - but I am tired.) I need the Dog Whisperer to come over and teach me how to be top-dog in my home.

dog trainer and dog photo courtesy of

Which leads me to this week's This is So Cool:

I was checking out Cesar Millan's site, and he lists some tips for "Calming a Hyperactive Dog" and I'm thinking of trying them out...on my toddler.

Ignore the behavior! Okay - we've tried this, but not super-consistantly. By not reinforcing bad behavior with attention, she may eventually cut it out.
Give your dog (or child) a job! She genuinely loves to help me cook and sweep - I really need to incorporate her into my routine some more.
Go for a walk! Hmmm, I had promised to walk every day with the kiddos and then we had a nasty cold influx, not to mention the wet and chilly weather. With Spring finally here, no more excuses! Plus, hello - I'm still carrying around all that baby weight, and he's nine months old. Ugh.
Check your own energy! Okay - good point Cesar. If I'm feeling cranky, then it stands to reason that she'd start acting out.
Try out aromatherapy! Um - if you say so...Okay - I've got it. Nothing brings a smile on like the smell of fresh baked cookies, and I just happen to have a great low-sugar, low-fat jam thumbprint recipe from that Liv and I love. We use blueberry preserves, and they are soft and delish.(Thanks Fiona Hayes.)

Cesar's philosphy about balance (you gotta check it out for yourself so I don't infringe on any copyrights) makes sense, even for human packs. Now - I hope this post doesn't actually upset anyone, but if it does, well to be honest I'm thinking you may have bigger problems than I do. Good luck with that.

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