Totally Truthy Tuesday

Okay - I think it's pretty funny that immediately after I complained about vicious campaign smearing, it became a media darling. ie, that's all any of the pundits could talk about. Finger on the pulse, that's me. I've been away for a few weeks, and when I say "away", I mean, home, taking care of sick children, and then taking care of sick me. I know it's bad form to abandon my blog for so long, and I totally apologize. I haven't any particularly good excuses, but please understand that my sleep threshold is hitting somewhere in the neighborhood of four hours per night, and not consecutively. My brain is like mush, and clever repartee is a little beyond me these days.

Because of that, I want to refer my readers, (all three of you, lol) to my fave news site, truthout, which is an awesome way to catch up on the latest political powerplays, scandals, truth-mongering, etc. They are a non-ad supported site, so they rely on reader donations to keep their presence on the web. I think that just may be why I like them so much. There's no worry that they'll be trying to please a sponsor, so you know that any bias hasn't been bought!

According to the people behind the domain (Marc Ash and Scott Galindez): "Truthout is a full-service news agency dedicated to establishing a powerful, stable voice for independent journalism. The core of our mission is educational, as we believe the biggest impediment to responsible decision-making is a lack of information. We provide citizens with reader-supported news instead of advertiser-supported news. Our direction is one of social progress, as we attempt to shed light on issues of vital interest to the community such as health care, the environment, international relations and human rights." In other words, in-depth research and personal passion are the dominating forces behind the articles you'll find there.

Check out articles like "Iraq War's Cost: Loss of US Power, Prestige and Influence" By Warren P. Strobel, McClatchy Newspapers, or "Tibet and the Ghosts of Tiananmen" By Bill Powell, Time - or "Spitzer's Shame Is Wall Street's Gain" By Robert Scheer, Truthdig (I really enjoyed this one.)

Thanks for understanding that I am a total wipe-out and I hope to get better. In the meantime feel free to subscribe to truthout's newsletter, and maybe even send a donation their way!

One last thing, muchas gracias to Redkid for their fab and free image generator. Notice the fun airplane at the top of the post? Courtesy of Redkid. It's a great site for junior high and elementary school-age kids; with games, school-project help, message boards, free blog-hosting, pen-pal database, nickname generator and tons (really) more. I highly recommend this site. It's a personal fave - and if you're curious, my newest nickname is "Greenie pie".

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