This is So Cool

I am seriously excited about two things right now -

A Raisin In The Sun remake will be premiering on ABC on February 25th. If you didn't read this book somwhere between junior high and junior year, I will personally call your former principal and give 'em what for!

Here is a preview:

It's really an incredible story about a man whose struggle with family responsibility and frustrated ambition is portrayed against an early '50s era Chicago backdrop. The cast (many of whom are returning from the Tony award winning Broadway version) includes big names like Sean Combs, Phylicia Rashad, Audra McDonald, Sanaa Latham and even John Stamos. Hope, love, racism, regret and redemption all come together in a truly brilliant story, written by Lorraine Hansberry at a time when being a black woman meant not having a voice at all. A Raisin in the Sun quickly became an American classic. It remains a relevant story, as its depiction of a struggling black family still resonates today.

Here is a killer review from All Hip :

Mark your calenders people! Set your DVRs! This is a do not miss.

Now - for the second So Cool thing:

(Okay - ya'll are gonna laugh, but I can't help but be excited in a nostalgic for my youth kinda way.) New Kids On The Block are BACK! Check out their no-longer defunct homepage, and please, please hit the remote on the page and reminisce a little while watching Donny Wahlburg prance around in shredded jeans, a cropped HOME BOY tee , peace sign necklace and his trademark rat-tail. Oh, boy the eighties sure were something! Oh, oh, oh, o-oh!
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1 Response to "This is So Cool"

  1. Mean Muggs says:
    February 7, 2008 at 6:02 PM

    The Right Stuff!! awww if the VCR wasn't broke we could tourture DH with the videos hehe

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