Super Tuesday

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Ah, America - Land of Caucus. Wait, whuh?

Ok - if you need a quick rundown of the nominee race, this is a good start :

Basically it'll tell you who won, where. Maybe you haven't noticed that History, with a big 'H' is in the making. Maybe you aren't interested that for the first time, a black man and a white woman not only have a viable shot at the White House, but are neck and neck. Wake up people! The times, they are a changin'!

Are you at all interested in the hot-button issues?
Universal Healthcare?
Our failing public education system?
(For more info on these and more check out this page on, one of my new fave sites.)

Maybe I should mention that I am a registered Democrat, but consider myself a "conservative liberal". For me - that means less government. I say that "we the people" are a whole lot better at figuring out how to live our lives than a group of elitists whose understanding of our needs is pretty much bogus. "Sir/Madam - when you can spend on a haircut what I have to stretch into two weeks of groceries for four people, two packs of diapers and five cans of the most expensive formula on the market (my son has a severe milk-protein allergy); I find it almost impossible to believe that you have my best interests at heart.

I'm a little squirmy right now - though I am pretty certain the Dems have got this one in the bag (I think we are all pretty well done with the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.) I'm not the biggest Hil fan, but c'mon! A Woman President! And just eighty-six years after getting the right to vote! (Alright - I'll tone down the sarcasm a bit.) But she really comes across to many men (in an informal poll I conducted of ALL of the men I know) as a bitch -on-wheels (sorry) and I worry that it will keep voters out of the booths. As for Barack - I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that we are finally at a place in our country's history that a young black man might just be the Leader of the Free World in less than a year.

I'm putting it this way, our elective system is jacked. We can be mad about it - you could read a long and vituperative post about the many ways it is stacked against the "little guy" or you could deal with the current reality. Your choices (as I am calling it) are John McCain, Mitt Romney*, Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama.

*update* yeah so -I called it, and I was wrong. Mitt Romney just dropped out of the race - leaving John McCain the favorite for the Republican ticket.

For a heads-up on their (current) political stances, check out It's a great nonpartisan resource.

Psst - can't say how much I love Ron Paul for this:

Finally - someone who has the guts to speak the truth!

Next week I promise to be more coherent. I'm running on very little sleep right now - please forgive.
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