I am scary addicted to reading momblogs. I'm not a huge commenter - though I do when I actually have something to say. Here are some cool articles, posts and such that you may be interested in checking out:

ZRecommends has a cute home-made block puzzle project how-to. I'm already thinking up a way to turn it into a Valentine's craft for my Liv.

My Life with Rachel Compos-Duffy, courtesy of Parent Dish gives a great list of baby must-haves. (Hint: It's way, way shorter than you've been led to believe!) I have my own addition to that list - I love, love, love my Pack-n-Play. My mom bought a whole Graco set (the travel system, swing and Pack-n-Play) for my daughter in 2004. The Pack-n-Play came with a diaper changing table and bassinet setting. (It was also equipped with a vibrator, music & light which we rarely used.) We've been using it for various things ever since. As a changer and bassinet when Liv was a baby, a toy and clothes hamper after that (I'm just being honest here!) and then we lowered the mattress and used it as a crib for a little boy that I babysat for eight months, and now it's back to it's first function for my son. The newest ones have gotten pretty darn fancy with elevated changers (DH could've used that, as he has to bend over nearly in half to change a diaper right now), toy-mobiles, shelving and built-in diaper stations (which I'll admit, made me a little envious).

Speaking of baby stuff, here's something on the treaty side of the equation:

Oh! Baby Buy Products is hosting a fantastic Diaper Bag giveaway. The prize is worth over $150 and brimming with awesome treats for you and the babe (or your sis-in-law and her babe, or your niece, or BFF or whatever.) So go! Check it out! I gotta warn you though, you'll have to work for it (but in a fun way). It's a trivia based entry, so prepare to spend some time at the site. No worries - I just know you'll love it like I do. Nichole, contributing writer for the site, chose the same beautiful name for her daughter that I did - she even lives in Alameda - which if you check out my very first post is where we lived when my Liv was born - hmmm, wonder if she had her at Alta Bates, too? Whoa. Cool.

Speaking of giveaways, mod*mom is having a super-dupery sweet! V-Day giveaway for bloggers. Ya gotta link 'er up and it's soooo worth it - Here's what she's got to say about it :

"enter my fabulous valentine's giveaways worth $ my valentine! tell your blog readers about my valentine's giveaways, then email me your url + i'll add you to my valentine's blogroll. 75 prizes!". These include things like fair-trade chocolate, software, deluxe doubles stroller, bedding, books, eco-friendly cleaning supplies & more! What are you waiting for? Get over there!

Hope you have fun web-surfing! Lemme know whatcha think, now!

Also I wanna thank Monkey Giggles for sharing the EBay Strike video. If you haven't heard about it yet, this video will fill you in:

Please join in and be heard.
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