A Posting Plan -or- Subject to Whimsy

So - I've been thinking. If I don't come up with some kind of plan, I'll probably just type about weird thoughts that I have each day, and while likely cathartic, maybe a bit of a turn-off. So.....

Monday: Maybe Monday; speculation about the week ahead and general discourse

Tuesday: Super Tuesday; my political day - or "State of my Union"

Wednesday: (I still haven't decided)

Thursday: This is so cool -or- This so not cool; reviews about people, places and things that have grabbed my attention

Friday: Round-Up; some mentions of my fave blogs, posts and topics

Saturday: (also undecided)

Sunday: Thoughts on Faith; you get the idea

I may not post every day, but I sure will try. Of course, as the title suggests, these are all "subject to my whimsy", so I'll update when I change my mind. And if you read the first post there's a clue as to why I might do that. Hint: it starts with a G.
Also, I may have to find some cool images for these titles. Oooh, a mission. Yay!
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1 Response to "A Posting Plan -or- Subject to Whimsy"

  1. Mel's World says:
    February 4, 2008 at 9:40 AM

    Hey There...I think you are totally funny! I saw your comment on Monkey Giggles Blog (she is a buddy of mine) and HAD to come meet you!

    I read your bio and had to laugh...you really ARE funny!!! I can relate and totally love that about people! Life is way to serious and there are so many things each and every day to laugh about.

    I love that you are thinking through your posts...I do that. I tried to be "whimsy", but I am a first born, Type A, overachiever and well...that just didn't work for me!

    Now I map out the week on Sunday and have two days that are locked in (without change)...Wednesday's for the Beth Moore Book Group that I do online, and Sunday's when I do my weekly devotional called Speak to My Soul.

    Love your energy...would also love to hear about your many many travels (I just opened my own travel agency about 3 months ago).

    Nice to meet ya, sorry about the l-o-n-g post!

    Melissa in Mel's World

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