Monday. maybe?

If you caught the Grammy’s last night, you may have been pleasantly surprised. I know that I was. From the very unsappy tributes to the artists of yesteryear to the tightly staged mixed genre musical numbers, I have to say that I was impressed. True – in order to keep a rein on the famously bloated awards ceremony, many more Grammy’s than usual were given off-air.
But that left room for a stellar performance by Cirque Du Soleil – (utterly fantastic, I really wish I’d caught LOVE when it came to town).
And how thrilled I was when Ludacris announced the Gospel mélange that literally brought my hair to a stand-still! Oh – Miss Aretha! That voice still soars! Duetting with BeBe Wynans, followed by The Clarks Sisters & Israel and The New Breed. Let there be a joyful noise!
Who didn’t laugh when Vince Gill called out Kanye West? And who didn’t get a little choked up when Kanye serenaded his mother, grief still ringing in his words?
One last thing – though I am not a fan of Sara Ferguson, formerly of Kids Inc., - a.k.a. Fergie, last night, while accompanied by one of my fave performers, John Legend, she not only held her own with the vocal talent of the evening, but may have even surpassed it (except for Aretha, of course). Looking and sounding like a grown-up may be worth exploring, hon.
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