Friday already?

Wow - I had a crazy week involving small children, cable mishaps and grounded barges. The first involves separation anxiety and sleepless nights, the second ensured that I missed American Idol and the last meant that DH spent two days in a little town called Bivalve. Taken all together that adds up to very, very little computer time. Sorry it's been so long, so I'll try to make up for it.

Super Tuesday:
Barack Obama is looking like he might be pulling ahead in the Democratic race - however, the party's convoluted nomination system leaves it all kinda messy. Superdelegates - I mean really. People who can vote no matter what their constituency wants? What a crappy idea. 'Course that's what makes our system so beautiful - big money and crappy delegates go hand-in-hand. Whoops! I meant crappy ideas. Really - I swear!
But getting back to the Democratic Golden Boy - a funny thing seems to be happening. The media, usually cruel - has been soft on the freshman senator. I've even heard about media personnel bringing family members to Obama's appearances! He's talking about "Hope" and the people are eating it up. Hard to know, though, exactly how it will translate at 1600 Penn. Ave. USA Today's Raasch has a similar view; check out his thoughts
Now - looking back over these last two paragraphs, you might be getting the impression that I'm anti-Obama, but you'd be wrong. I'm just still on the fence.

This is So Cool: So yesterday was Valentine's Day. Maybe you did it up all romantic - maybe you didn't. DH and I were somewhere in between. Because of the aforementioned
barge incident - we decided to order Chinese food, and hang out at home with our kiddos. Smart man that he is, he walked in the door last night carrying flowers, (Never roses, he knows better - I'm not impressed with roses because there's just no effort involved,) chocolate (every year I tell him not to, and every year he does anyway - like I said, he knows better,) and two cards (also something he does every year, one funny & one sweet.) He even broght home a stuffed monkey, pink carnation and a sugar-free chocolate heart for Liv. He's good, isn't he? In the everyday of a marriage you can forget how it is that you got to your particular place in the world. And every so often my sweetie reminds me. It isn't the stuff he brought home (getting laughed at I'm sure while buying Valentine's gifts at 7:30 p.m. the day of) it's the care he takes in getting them. He knows not only what flowers I like, but also that I hate coconut, so he always buys the chocolate assortment that comes without it. He also knows that Liv missed her Daddy, so he spent an extra forty minutes on her bedtime routine (giving me sadly just enough time to fall asleep on the couch - poor guy.) My honey is a mighty good man.

I should mention that he gave me a set of Teething Bling by SmartMom earlier in the week. So cute! My daughter has been playing with it every day since. Now - it's meant to be worn by me for purpose of keeping the baby busy - but I'm not complaining.. Check them out - I love my set! Never mind the attractiveness of the necklace and matching bangle, the fun color choices and the great price, I love that a portion of all proceeds goes to CureSearch National Childhood Cancer Foundation and Dress For Success, which helps disadvantaged women find not just work, but careers. Both incredibly worthy causes. SmartMom, indeed.

Round Up: Cool happenings around the blog-world include a fun giveaway at Metropolitan Momma in celebration of Get Fit in February. Check out my button to the left if you want to know more about it. I'm trying to get my personal fitness in gear, so maybe it'll help. Now - I may not be ready for a race, but I am willing to commit to a daily walk with my kiddos. Wish me luck! I'll be sure to keep ya'll updated on my progress!
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1 Response to "Friday already?"

  1. Stephanie says:
    February 15, 2008 at 4:35 PM

    Thanks for highlighting my promotion! A "daily walk with the kiddos" sounds like the perfect place to start! How fun that you're going to make fitness a family affair! :)

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