Campaign smearing

This is so not cool: Okay - I'm sure that like me, you know people who feel pretty darn strongly about the presidential candidates. Maybe also like me you want to slap those people. I am so, so, soooo tired of getting e-mails and warnings and general lectures regarding the evils of certain candidates from people who don't bother to do a little background check on the information that they are spreading.

I received an e-mail this week about Senator Barack Obama that I found incredibly offensive; bigoted and blatantly libelous. I immediately fired back a detailed reply that included this:

"...the word muslim was repeatedly used as a negative term, and all-capped in order to make it stand out - so that at initial perusal OBAMA & MUSLIM were figuratively jumping off the screen. This is standard propogandic tactics, as any jew who survived the holocaust can attest. Recall that there are several Muslim sects, as there are multiple Christian, Jewish, and Buddhist sects (to name a few of the most well-known religious flavors.). The Taliban, a group of extremist Sunni Muslims, are generally regarded by the people of Islam to be false muslims - ie, men without true understanding of the Qu'ran who have perverted its teachings. Throughout the Qur'an men are exhorted to love and cherish women and to treat them always well. Nowhere does it say that women should be killed for speaking too loudly, or beaten for vanity. Here is a great article written by a muslim woman about the misconceptions surrounding her faith: That being said, Barack Obama is not a man of Muslim faith. He was baptized in a Christian church, and attends service every week."
I followed this with the passionate request to the sender, and also the other addresses listed: "If you choose to vote or not to vote for Barack Obama, please let it be based on his performance in the senate, not on hateful rhetoric full of invictiveness."

I personally have not yet made my decision regarding the candidate to whom I will give my vote - I intend to weigh that decision carefully. Because I truly believe that every vote counts, and I want mine to be for the best possible candidate. To that end I keep myself informed about the issues, the stance each candidate is taking on them and also their previous record in Congress.

So, in conclusion I am telling you that if you have something snotty to say, you'd better be prepared to back it up, 'cause momma ain't about to hear that.

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